The benefits of cycling in college: Top best bikes for students

We bet that all college students dream of buying a car, even a used one. However, it requires some savings or taking another loan, which is not an option for many young people who already have to pay off their student loans and college essay help online. A bicycle becomes a great option: it is cheap, it makes you lead a healthy lifestyle, it is convenient, and you don't spend much money on its maintenance. In addition, the US can be proud of the best-equipped campuses for bikes in the world. If you are fine with cycling to college every morning, then check our guide on top popular bike models for college students.

The bikes choice for college students

In college, you need to save money for many things: a student loan, a weekend trip, a used car, and a payment for using a writing service. Regarding the last one, don't forget to check the reviews of the agency, for example, asking, "Is speedypaper legit?' to make sure you don't waste the money. When it comes to transportation, you can choose either a good old car or a new bike. The last one is much cheaper and brings you a lot of benefits. No matter how far from the campus you live, cycling every day will make you stronger, fitter, and healthier.
An ideal bike should be reliable, affordable, and good-looking. You can choose between a hybrid bike that makes you sit comfortably, a classic bike that is the lightest and fastest one, or the fixie bike that has no gears. Don't forget about the helmet, which will ruin your hairstyle but may save your life instead. You should also consider a lock to park your bike safely, a loud bell, bike lights, and multi-tool to make fixes in case of an emergency. Consider these models as the best for college students:
1. Original Fixed Gear Urban
The bike comes in different color options (24 variants) and looks great in general. It has front brakes, single-speed, and the urban geometry frame. The bike is light, cheap, and equipped with good tires. You can easily upgrade it with extra stuff, and the high ratings of satisfied users prove its reliability. The only flaw is the limited warranty, but you can always buy another one;
2. Critical Cycles Harper Coaster
This model has a classic, timeless design, it is solid and easy to ride, and it is quite affordable to buy and maintain. It is also a fixie that has a standard black color and premium quality. As all fixies, it doesn't have breaks but has a KMC chain and a lifetime warranty. This bike will cost you around $200, and its main con is a not quite comfortable seat;
3. Pure Cycles One Speed Urban
The bike is customizable and has several mounting points, an opportunity to add racks and fenders, and it is quite affordable. It has a minimalistic design and is perfect for getting to the campus and back. The cons are just one speed and no handbrake, which means certain difficulties. But overall, it is a perfect model;
4. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear
This gorgeous bike costs under $250 and will provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride. The brakes are excellent and easily removable, with a single-speed and two colors available (black and blue). This is a great choice for everyone who considers riding a bike in college.

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